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of all the uncivilized races there are none in my humble opinion so capable of organization and consequent civilization as the Australians - Their habits are not of that determined[?] erratic character which we found in other parts of the world. That they are a wandering race is a question which admits of no doubts but then those wanderings are circumscribed by certain well defined limits beyond which they seldom pass except for purposes of War or festivity - Every tribe [insert - 'family group']  has its own district, the boundaries of which are well known to the natives [insert - 'and scrupulously observed']  generally and within that district all the wild animals are considered as much the property of the tribe ranging on its whole extent as the flocks of sheep and herds of cattle that have been introduced by adventurous Europeans are held by European law and [indecipherable] the property of their respective owners. Their habits are so primitive that they care not [insert - 'to'] unlearn [insert - 'as is the case with other Aboriginal natives'] always the most difficult task of the civilizer. That they are capable of civilization and instruction has been found in the case of a no. [number] sometime since sentenced for some offence to be confined with the chain gang on Goat Island

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