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(No. 7)


Go down from the hill Rongtané Tyungerawa.
Run over the ground Ringápyanganaweberé.
Do not run along the road Parrawé ringapé.
The man feeds the dog Tyénnabeah kaeetabeah.
The woman makes a basket

Lowanna ollé tubbrana.

The woman is very fair Lowa maleetya.
The child eats his food Teeana malangeebeah.
The child is small Malangeebeah.
The horse runs on the ground Pangooneah réne pateleebea.
The horse kicks the child Pangooneah paraingumenah.
One Marrawah.
Two Piawah.
Three Luwah.
our Paguntawulliawah.
Five Pugganna marah.
Ishall go to my house Tugganna lunameatah.
I strike the horse Pella pangooneah
Touch his hand Rientonnabeah.
Do not touch his hand Tallé tallé parrawé.
Cut down the tree Ungana puyé loté.
Tell him to go to the house Tallé lenutoo.
Speak to the man Oonah beah.
He is in the house Lunaretah.
They jump over the river Wuggala menayé.
They walk through the river Yangé menayé.
Run along the side of the river Tawé ranté weberé.
They swim in the river Puawé menayé.
They sink in the river Tongé menayé.
We drink water Loa liyé.
He cuts his hair with flint Tugganna pugheranymee trautta.
My brother has a long arm Nietta mena oon root' eleebana.
My sister is very tall Nienta mena tuggara root' eleebana.
He has two children Malang-piawah.
Take a stick and beat the dog Tial wee pella kaeeta.
The dog is beaten with a stick Pella kaeetah naootamena.
The sun is rising Puggaleéna paréebara.
The sun is set already Puggaleéna toomla pawa.
The moon is risen Ooeeta poona.
The moon is not seen Ooeeta mayangti byeack.
The moon is behind the cloud Ooeeta toggana warratena lunta.
You stand behind the tree Mangana lutena.
They climb up the tree Crongé lotta.
The swan swims in the water Kalungunya tagumena liyetitta.
The water is very warm Lia pyoonyack lé!
The water is not warm Lia tunnack.
Salt water Lia noattye.
Fresh water Lian eleebana  or  Liana eleebana.
He is a good man Puggana tareetyé.
He is a bad man Tagantyaryack.
Come and drink the water Tallé le loolaka lia.
This water is salt Lia noattyé
That water is fresh Liana eleebana.
Milk comes from the cow Prughwullah packalla.
Send him to get milk Rangé prughwullah.
I saw the tree yesterday Lotta monté meena cotté.
I have cut my finger Rié poyé pueningyack.
He limps with one leg Raggamuttah.
He sees with one eye Taggunnah.
My face is very black Raoonah mawpack.
Make the horse run fast Pangoonya rené wurrungaté.
When the warm weather is come Nente pyoonta.
It is now cold weather Tunna.
They are white men (the men are white) Riana. Rianowittyé.
This woman is very white Lowana eleebana.
Bring him and put him down here Nunnalea pooranamby  or  Kannawattah ponnawé  or  Kannawuttah ponnapoo.
Come along, I want to speak to you Talpyarwadeno tuyena kunnamee  or  Tutta wuttah onganeenah  or  Tunneka makunna talmatieraleh.
Aha! you are sulky all of a sudden Anyah! Teborah! Keetrelbya noomena peniggomaree.
Hold your tongue, or be patient, by and by Mealkamma  or  metakantibe  or  kannyab mielbeerkammah  or  kanna moonalané wannabee kannybo.


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