y. eagerness with which y. met our advances to baiters, is a strong proof of yr natural disposition towards this 1st step in civiliz.
Advantages of the Murray for exploration
In a country like Australia where y. chief obstacle to be apprehended in travelling is y want of water, y facilities afforded by y Murray and its tributaries are indisputable; & I have little doubt that y very centre of y continent might be gained by a judicious [indecipherable] enterprising expedition.   Certainly it is most desirable to ascertain whether y. river I have supposed to be y Darling be be really be or not.  I h. stated by objection to depths, but I think that if a party commenced its operations upon y. Murray fr y. junction upwards, [indecipherable] and after ascertaining y. fact of its ultimate course, turned away to y. NW up one of the tributaries of y.Murray, with a supply of      mouth

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