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Vantage, they are no longer those slothful beings, apparently incapable of the  least exertion, creeping, but men capable of the  most arduous enterprise, they only want a stimulus and they jump as it were with new life and  activity.

Australian Record 10 July

1839. Extract No. 5 A.B.V

p.139  -


The  whole race is divided into tribes, more or less numerous, according to circumstances and  designated from the  ocalities they inhabit; for altho' universally a wandering race? With respect to places of habitation, the  wanderings are circumscribed by certain well defined limits, beyond which they seldom pass except for purposes of war or festivity. In short every tribe has its own district, the  boundaries of which are well known to the natives generally; and within that district all the  wild animals are considered as much the property of the  tribe ranging over its whole extent as the

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