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The native addressed should be asked to tell,-his name,-those of his-
                      Father                                        Mother
                      Grandfather                               Grandmother
                      Brothers                                     Sisters
                      Uncles                                        Aunts
                      Tribe                                           Family
also his age and height, so that an idea may be formed of his ability to compare and define duration of time, number, and measurement ; also the name of the Country or District in which his tribe lives, and of those by which it is bounded, with names of rivers, creeks, hills, plains, valleys, and names of adjoining tribes. An explanation of the meaning of any of these names when possible.


English. Colony-
English. Colony-
Man   Woman  
Old Man   Old Woman  
Young Man   Young Woman  
Batcher   Maid  
Youth   Virgin  
Boy   Girl  
Child   Children  
Grandfather   Grandmother  
Father   Mother  
Father-in-law   Mother-in-law  
Step-father   Step-mother  
Husband   Wife  
Widower   Widow  
Son   Daughter  
Son-in-law   Daughter-in-law  
Step-son   Step-daughter  
Brother   Sister  
Brother-in-law   Sister-in-law  
Step-brother   Step-sister  
Uncle   Aunt  
Nephew   Niece  



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