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English. Colony-
English. Colony-
9   Thin  
10*   Handsome  
100   Ugly  
Many   Strong  
A great many   Weak  
Few   Good  
A pair   Bad  
All   Brave  
None   Cowardly  
More   Kind  
Less   Unkind  
Large   Cruel  
Small   Tame  
Big   Wild  
Little   Far-seeing  
Long   Near-sighted  
Tall   Blind  
Short   One-eyed  
Far   Squinting  
Near   Blear-eyed  
High   Pleasant to smell  
Low   Stinking  
Steep   Pleasant to taste  
Old   Acid  
Bald   Bitter  
Grey   Salt  
Young   Sour  
Fat   Sweet  

* Continue if the native be capable of enumerating further.

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