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Chichester. June 21st 1841

Dear Friend

I received thy letter about two days ago; it forwarded to me here [from?] Gloucester - I should have answered immediately but have been so hurried that I have not had a chance till this moment - I cannot sufficiently answer thy letter otherwise than viva voce as my [declarations?] to be understood must be at considerable length. I have no doubt that I may be of very [?]ential service to you in the prosecution of your [pro]posed plan but as in a very few days I shall be [in] London I wont forget to drop thee a line where and when I can spare an evening to give thee all [the] information in my power and believe me that [?] will give me sincere pleasure to be of use in [giving] a few hints that may perhaps save R King [much] unnecessary inconvenience & suffering

Yours very truly

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