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Illustrative of the Additional Letters for Foreign Sounds which do not occur in English
The number at the commencement of each line refers to the corresponding number in the Ethnical Alphabet ; and the italic letters in the words rare, air, der, cedo, kühnate, &c, are the common equivalents of the written and printed forms in columns 2 and 3 of that alphabet.

2a. "A ã, as heard in rare, air, Eng. ; de​​​​​​​r, Ger. ; ce​​​​​​​do, Ital. ; la​​​​​​​it, Fr.
"4a. " A is á long, the very broad French á, often mispronounced aw (No.4) by Englishmen.
7.     Ü ü
 long, as in kü​​​​​​​hnste, Ger.; vü, Fr.
7a.   Ú ú short, as in kü​​​​​​​nste, Ger.; hu​​​​​​​tte, Fr.
8.     Õ õ, as in Goethe, Ger. ; jeú​​​​​​​ne, Fr.
8a.   Ò ò, as in  bõ​​​​​​​cke.Ger.; jeu​​​​​​​ne, Fr.
9.     Ë ë, as in je, Fr. 
3a.  "A a , 
as in homma​​​​​​​sse, pa​​​​​​​tte, Fr.; ma​​​​​​​nn, ka​​​​​​​nn, Ger.; fat, cat, Northern English.
5a.   O o The brief sound of long vowel No. 5, as in window, Eng.; Otto, Ger.; to​​​​​​​ssa, Ital.; so​​​​​​​nne, Fr.
10,   u'n, as in din​​​​​​​don, simple, na​​​​​​​in, fa​​​​​​​im, sei​​​​​​​n, Fr.
10a.  o'n, as in jam​​​​​​​bon, emplir, em​​​​​​​ploi, sang, Fr.
10b.  o'n, as in don, fon​​​​​​​du, rom​​​​​​​pu, son, Fr.
10c.   u'n, as in un, jeunparfum, Fr.
19.    >v, the German w.
26a.   -Hl - hl, as in llall, Llywelyn, llenad, Welsh (gutteral).
25a.   -Hr -hr, as in rh​​​​​​​ag, Welsh.
26b.   Lj lj, as in fill​​​​​​​e, Fr. ; figl​​​​​​​io, Ital.; llano, Span. Portugese lh.
29a.   Nj nj, as in gn​​​​​​​e, Fr. ; sogn​​​​​​​o, Ital. ; pev​​​​​​​ia, Span. ;            Portuguese nh.
24.     K k, guttural, as in ach, Germ. ; and common in Dutch, Welsh, Scotch, &c.
24a.   Q q, a very hard gutturel. The Dutch g.
          Qj qj, palatal, as in kõnig, berg, Germ.
16.      Hebrew aleph ; Greek spiritus lenis.
          :  Arabic hamza.
          --- hiatus, or sudden check, used by the Arabs of    Damasens and Aleppo.
         [ C c ?] Arabic compression of the throat.
25b.    As in prz​​​​​​​ez, Polish (, trill).


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