I have already mentioned that in the carrying
of supplies lies the great difficulty of examining
the interior of Australia  [&?]  [indecipherable]   to the
features of the unexplored country [indecipherable ]
the [ amount? ] of difficulty. These features
may be divided generally into water courses, mountain
ridges [&?] plains [&?] each specifically as follows.
1st the water courses may present falls, cascades, or
rapids, lakes shoals or marches [ &? ] even [ masses? ]
of drift wood rending it necessary for the explorers to
make innumerable [ indecipherable ] or [ indeciperable ] places, occasio-
nal detours [&?] frequent halts. 2nd  The [mountain?]
ridges may dip [           ] [&?] the [intervening?] valleys
[               ] as to be almost or wholly unpassable 
[&?] frequent fissures may occurr [ insurmount ? ]
[ able? ] in any other way than by [ tracing ? ] them
to their termination.


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