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appropriate is of itself a prima facie evidence of their having strong ideas of property in the soil.

Dr. Lang 15 Nov.r 1839

Extracts Nº. 5 p. 141


What is the condition of the black man now, as compared with that in which we found him on our arrival? We found him in the most abject state of human existence  - naked  - brutish  - idea-less  - ignorant of the uses of huts or canoes and scarcely Knowing the use of fire. After a residence of nearly 3 years among us what has he become?  - Not less savage, but much less simple. Not less destitute but far more craving. Less ignorant of the need of clothing, but scarcely more shielded by its' use. No a whit more intellectual, yet far more cunning. With the exception of smoking drinking, and a few other such accomplishments, he has learnt nothing from us

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