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cannot be attended with a military force.

June 22. 1838.

Extracts No.6. p.178.

Charity - so called - or  rather insane [?]  benevolence, which will feed and clothe the natives without asking any returns, is, in reality, doing more mischief than can be well conceived; and no efforts should be left untried of impressing upon the minds of the colonists the evil of such a practice. Such conduct teaches the poor natives a relish for bread, yet affords him not the means of legitimately satisfying his hunger. Before the natives can be either educated or taught to work with any success we should make ourselves acquainted with their manners and customs as well as mental capabilities. Such is absolutely necessary to enable one to form laws for the natives and to know what inducements to hold out to secure the observance of the those laws. Without some such preliminary investigation we shall

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