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from the nearest railway station, viz Amesbury, and about 2 miles from Shrewton, the nearest village. Stonehenge is about 4 miles away & there are two or three other villages a few miles away. Such is a brief outline of our new home.

To return to the days doings; Alan & I went to Shrewton this afternoon. It is a real old-fashioned township about half-a-mile in length & lies along a beautiful little running stream. It has no design, & its streets wander wither they wish, here there & everywhere. It has nothing modern in it but still possesses the old English style of small houses & cottages many of them with mud walls and all of them with tiny casement-like windows, some of which look quite romantic. In fact, as we were passing one house, I mentioned this to Alan & suggested that one of the windows in it made me think of the days when sweet maidens smiled down upon warriors brave, & strange to say, no sooner had we gone

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