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[Page 63]

[Brief notes of the diarist which appear to be the basis for diary pages 59, 61, 63, 64, 66 and 67]
Wed 10. Approach & [indecipherable]
Sierra Leone at noon.
Tropical aspect.
trees etc. (as in Syd. Gardens)
Anchorage to [indecipherable]
Houses & buildings & Pop'n
Canoes & blacks & fruit
(skilful use of canoe. 18 their coordination.).
26 Boats. "Swiftsure"
sailing smock & coloured dress
Boats in distance like butterflies
Blood red sun at sunset
Hot days cool evenings.
Canoes & sailing boats long way out

Picturesque city. 600 yds away from boat
Skirts coast. protected by island
backed by smooth green round hills, backed by mountainous ridge [trees etc.)
[indecipherable] in distance – here & there seen [indecipherable]
rich tropical growth gives tone
& buildings in contrast [indecipherable]
fine square buildings in sufficient number to impress selves in landscape.
Haze effects remarkable & characteristic of the tropics.
Dark bluey-grey-green over town varing in density with time of day.
blue here on sea, grey, grey red, to red on West after sunset
blue [indecipherable]

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