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After breakfast I met Les Dimond & had a short chat with him. Later in the morning all the new-comers had an inspection parade & after that we were given a new web-equipment in place of the one which we had brought from Australia.

The weather is rather cold just now. Ice & snow abound everywhere. The taps a frozen up & in order to wash we have to get some ice out of the water-troughs & melt it on our hut stove. However everything seems to indicate that we will have a very happy time here.

After tea Alan & I visited the Y.M.C.A. Camp Hall and spent an enjoyable evening there. It contains a canteen, writing tables, billiards & concert hall etc. etc. & is nice & warm & cosy, having a fine large stove in the centre. We were just in time to hear a very good concert there.

I was almost forgetting to note that we received our first mail today at dinner-time.

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