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above the town was, another settlement consisting of a barracks & a number of small white houses extending right up the slope to the highest point.

Not being at a wharf we couldn't land & so spent the day in the usual manner but the exercises were so strenuous that I am sore all over, in the arms, round the ribs and across the stomach. This is partly due to the skipping. I skipped up to 126 and then did a 'pepper' of 100 in 45 seconds, & this is hard work for a beginner. The exercise is doing us much good & besides feeling as fit as a fiddle & enjoying life immensely, my appetite is becoming tremendous.

Jan. 4     Slept on deck last night and from my 'posie' I could plainly see the dark outline of St. Helena. At 11 A.M. we again set out to sea, with the addition to our fleet of the Union Castle Liner "Briton" a fine 22 Knot English mail boat. She is carrying returned English troops back to their home. The danger from torpedos is daily increasing and every precaution is being taken.

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