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left the world & us in darkness and soon the chilly dew began to settle down on deck & with a shudder we were glad to go down to the warmth below. The days here are scorching, so much so indeed that we are not expected to do more than half-an-hour's exercise or so, each day but the evenings are beautifully cool and it is well worth going through the heat to be able to enjoy the pleasant contrast. Without contrast, indeed, we can enjoy nothing in this world!

Freetown skirts the coast for a mile or so, thinning off at the sides & rear. It is immediately backed by smooth green hills, on which a few scattered buildings stand out in relief; these hills are in their turn backed by a rough mountainous ridge, covered fairly thickly with trees; in the distance and behind these mountains again may be seen the rugged rocky peaks of the real coastal ranges.

One is particularly struck by the peculiar haze effects, peculiar to tropical climates, & well exampled here. This haze rests on the sea as well

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