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mid-day. Although the boys were tired & seemed 'dead-beat' their spirit showed itself when the local band struck up. They were immediately on their feet trying the goose-step etc. & we were quite normal again after dinner. The Y.M. ladies supplied us with a cup of tea & cake, which were very acceptable additions to our own lunches.

As Alan & I wanted to go out in the afternoon we 'scaled' back by tram immediately after lunch. We then had a fine swim in the fresh water bathes and later visited the gardens. Two nurses bec whom we saw there beckoned to us and gave us some tea from a thermos flask and some cake, sandwiches & fruit. We went down the pier in the evening. This pier is an enormous one several hundreds of yards long and at the outward end it has a large, two-storey, open-air concert hall & refreshment room and all the K'nuts congregate here.

Dec. 17. Sunday. We remained on board in the morning and went on Town Picquet from 1-7 in the afternoon. I was stationed on a cross street which

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