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resorted to a rustic padoga where we were served gratis with tea and cake. (I had 4 cups of tea). Billiards for 2 hours followed & then at 8 we returned to town for tea & finished the day in the city. (Tea consisted of coffee, soup & steak & kidney pie!)

Dec 13. A ship load of 'returned' African soldiers came to Cape Town this morning. They came from German East Africa were they have succeeded in driving back the enemy but at a great cost, for something like 90% of them have contracted the Malaria Fever, and the poor lads may be seen by thousands both in Durban & in Cape Town. Our men formed a guard of honour for these men as they again set foot on their 'patria', but I missed this as I was on duty on board. My duty was 'deck-guard'. This is also for 24 hours in shifts and is an important duty & must be carried out to the letter. I enjoyed it very much, especially on the 5-7 AM shift. The night had been glorious but pitch-dark, and the mountain stood out in its super blackness against the cloudy sky, and its majesty thrilled me through & through. The silence of the city

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