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Dinner 12.30, consisting of hot fish & sauce, potatoes, Swede turnips & 1 slice of bread.
Parade 1.40-4.30 similar to morning.
Tea 5.30 consisting of ¼ loaf of bread, margarine & a little bloater paste & plenty of hot tea.

The evening we spent in C. of E. writing hut, and returned to our own hut at 9, had a warm in front of our own hut-fire, had a few dates from Aunty's parcel. Last Post at 10, & lights out a few minutes later.

Feb. 3. Up at 7 instead of 6 from now on owing to the severe cold. According to custom on Saturdays we went for a 6 miles route march with two bands, one of which was a Piper's band. These always accompany us on marches & to & from parade. We wore our full kit. The afternoon we had off, there never being any parades from 12 on Saturday until Monday morning excepting Church Parade.

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