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till bed-time.

Dec. 7. Slept on the fore-hatch last night. When I went up on deck with my hammock etc. at 9 P.M. there was not an available spot on which to lie. Every corner contained a sleeper & every flat part of the deck was covered like blacks with bunks like a floor with tiles. After wandering about in the moonlight for a while I found one small space and by pushing one chap's pillow up a little & another's blanket over, I made room for myself. When lying down my head was within 3 inches of another's feet; and in front of me were three heads, one opposite my neck another opposite my waist & a third against my feet while yet another fellow was lying at my back parallel to myself. Despite the fact that I woke up with my feet on one man's pillow, we all slept soundly & well & at any rate did not feel at all lonely.

At 5.30 A.M. the sky promised a grand sunrise so I got up, rolled & packed my bed & had a fine

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