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[Page 83]

[Brief notes of the diarist which appear to be the basis for diary pages 90 and 91]
Feb 2 Fri
First day of full routine
Reveille at 6
Breakfast at 6.45
Parade at 7.40- 12.15
March 2 m. Ceremonial
Turnings & saluting
Parade Dinner 12.30
Herring (cold) 1 potato (peel) 1 slice bread, tea
Hot fish (cod?) potato turnips (swede) slice bread
Parade 1.40 – 4.30
Turnings some [indecipherable] morning
Marching in line etc.
5 on 2 off Smoko etc.
Tea 5.30
¼ loaf.
Margarine & paste
Ev. in C. of E. writing
warm in front of fire
few dates.
[indecipherable] bed Last Post 10

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