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as on the land and its appearance varies according to the background. Over the town itself it assumes a dark-bluey-grey-green shade and is dark or light according to the time of day, so that at day-break one cannot discern even the outlines of the buildings & by mid-day the faintest detail can be clearly discerned. On the sea horizon the haze is distinctly blue and obscures the dine line of demarcation throughout the whole of the day. It is at Sunset, however, that the most glorious effects are to be seen. The sun is then a rich blood-red colour and adds a grand lustre to the whole scene. The haze in the west is at this time full of alternating colours; from a heavy grey tint on the hills it grows redder as upwards, and again fades off into a pure blue directly overhead.

The officers were granted leave here and besides these a few of the lads managed to get ashore. Some rowed the officers over, and others let themselves down the ship's side by ropes at night & were taken across by the blacks. From

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