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to record all the pleasures of the brotherhood that we enjoy daily.

This afternoon at 3 we lowered speed to about 4 knots in order to arrive at St. Helena early next morning.

Jan 3. St. Helena sighted at about 5.30 this morning but the outline was partly obscured by the heavy mists which hung like draperies of teased Kapok over her rugged peaks.

Some say that the island is the last port of a lost continent; others say that it was hurled up out of the sea by volcanic action. The latter interpretation seems the more plausible, especially on account of the fact that the water right up to the shore is almost unfathomable: at about 400 yards from shore the depth was 30 fathoms and where we lay 90 fathoms of anchor line had to be let down. Of course the place is not large enough to possess wharf accommodation & it must have been a grand sight for the people to see our seven troopships and escort, together with an English troopship and

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