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of their number to go forward & fix it onto a hammock. However, instead of tying it to the hammock the fellow slyly hooked it onto a corner of the spare anchor; and the boys wondered why they couldn't pull the sleeper out!!! ha! ha! ha! buzze –z-z-z-z-z-z……………

The next item to the program was a bombardment of our quarters from above. Dixies were hurled down the stairs one at a time to begin with; then whole bundles of them were tossed down. Those that were left were tied together in a big bundle & slung up to a spar on deck. A little later the various articles of the cooks' equipment, such as casks, potato cases, coffee boilers as big as wash-tubs, etc. etc. were hurled down the stairs, and of course they didn't make any noise at all!! – I don't think.- During this time we were in almost total darkness, and the black as Egypt's night and this added to the chaos which held sway in the nether regions of our hold.

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