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On the return trip by tram Alan & I had a pineapple each, which we cut in slices & peeled & through devoured with much gusto. Such behaviour would no doubt be considered a breach of etiquette but we enjoyed ourselves, or rather the pineapples, and that was all we cared about at the time. We arrived back in Town at 10.15 and then marched back about 1 ½ miles to our ship. These marches are grand. We sing & whistle till our throats are dry & hoarse and as a rule get back in a perfect bath of perspiration but as lively as crickets. After a show & a yarn we turned in at about 12.30.

Dec. 12. It was my turn to do guard duty to-day. This job commences at 9 AM and lasts for 24 hours, during which time we are on post for 2 hours & off for 4 hours but must not take off clothes or equipment nor leave our section of the ship; such at least is required by regulation. However, by various means unnecessary to detail I spent most of my time far from my post. Five of us, including Barry went out together to Camp's Bay, about 5 miles out & had a fine swim in the free warm bathes, and then

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