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cruiser "Glasgow" set out to sea in face of a terrific head-wind. There are eight of us altogether, including the "Glasgow and so we are very much more at home now than before. The "Suevic" is flagship & steams at the head of the little fleet as proud as can be. The boys say that she is put in front because she is so slow & the other boats are frightened of losing her if she took her place behind.

Dec. 28 This afternoon a small cargo boat passed us and a little excitement was evidenced among the boys when our escort steamed ahead & crossed in front of us and followed the stranger for a until she was past our line. The cruiser passed quite close to our bows & we could see the sailors aboard her as well as her shining guns & equipment & felt a slight feeling of awe, and proud admiration at this small atom out of England's mighty fleet.

Dec. 29. Feeling extra well and vigorous today.

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