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built a blockade about 100 yards in length with the snow & also got ready piles of ammunition, in the way of snow-balls, squeezed as hard as possible. We then lay down behind the parapet & waited the attack & when the enemy came near we let fly & for a few minutes there was something doing. Almost everyone of us, officers included, were soaked through with thawed snow & it was a cold-footed column that wended its way back to camp.

Needless to say the boys got plenty of amusement out of the snow. They had snow-fights among themselves & at times it was not safe to put one's head outside the hut door for fear of "stopping one". They also made huge snowballs. One of these they rolled down to a lady's door at Shrewton & when she came in to answer to their knocking they told her that there was 4d to pay on it. They

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