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the Surgeon Dentist. My teeth were classified as A.1.(!)

After tea Alan & I & a friend of Alan's from Paling's went together to the Church of England hall & we were "shouted" to a cup of coffee & a couple of cakes!! & this put us in a happy mood. A few minutes later who should speak to me but Arthur Whitelaw. He stayed with us for the rest of the evening & we had a very happy time together.

Feb.2. This being our first day of full routine I will give details of what happened, this being the general daily work here.

Reveille at 6.
Breakfast at 6.45 consisting of 1 herring (cold) 1 potato in its jacket (hot), 1 slice of bread & about 2 pints of hot tea.
Parade 7.40 – 12.15 consisting of route march for 2 miles to warm us up, then a ceremonial assembly of the Brigade then practice in turnings & saluting.

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