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mosquitoes. They toss about in the rough sea like corks and at times ten or so feet of their prow comes out of the water. They are beautifully equipped with wireless, search lights, guns etc, and, I believe, have a speed of 40 Knots. They Although we are going ahead at full speed, they can run all round us, zig zagging here & there & everywhere & we enjoy watching their manoeuvres. This mosquito fleet consists of 05 "Gadfley", 58 "Lizzard", 65 "Laurel", 37 "Luisfal", 48 "Lenox".

The above-mentioned thin Corporal has acquired several new names of late. Some call him "Wombo" on account of his likeness to a Wombat; Others call him "pull-through" but others again assert that he was a failure as such because he went through the barrel of a rifle without touching the sides. Some say that he is as thin as a match with the wood scraped off. I have also heard him referred to as a galloping hat-pin.

Jan. 28. General clean up & pack-up preparatory

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