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Having now been at "Rollestone" for a few days I have had time to see what it is like. It contains about 250 or more living-huts, together with "dining-halls" writing huts etc. and is situated on fine undulating country with acres of good open fields on every hand on which we have ample room for parades. On the East there are 4 (or 5) rifle ranges & an Artillery range; as well as a number of trenches for use in training recruits. The huts are set out in rows of ten. They are somewhat smaller than the Liverpool huts & accommodate 30 men each; every man being allowed about 3' 6" lateral space. In the centre is a stove which is kept alight all day & all night if at all possible and this is used to keep the hut warm & comfortable. On the north of the camp is a balloon depot & observation balloons ascend over the camp every day. Aeroplanes also daily traverse the camp. We are some 6 miles

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