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Not a light is allowed to be shown after dark, and even smoking the the open is prohibited. One of our men was fined 5/- for walking onto the deck with his pipe lighted. Further, there are torpedo picquets stationed all over the boat day & night and our gun is in full readiness for use in case of surprise. All men on duty have to wear their lifebelts and every man on the ship has a lifebelt ready for use if need be. All our lifeboats have now been suspended over the water and are could be lowered at a moments' notice. Despite all these preparations nobody seems to care whether torpedoes come or not. In fact, most of the boys would like to see the ship struck, just for the fun of having a splash in the water. My only fear in such an emergency would be lest I should lose my two little model elephants. One of these came from Australia & is suspended round my neck; the other came from S. Africa & is made of ebony with ivory tusks &

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