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become tarnished upon outside contact. But, in a general way this passing year has brought me into contact with so many grand people, that, as a direct consequence a new untold wealth of pleasure has been added to my lot. For some reason or other I feel that I have understood, in a small way at least, something of their thoughts, aspirations etc. etc. and such an understanding is tinged with intense gratification & satisfaction. In business life, my fellow-officers were & still are more than mere business associates; they are true, helping friends & I cannot look back at my days in the Office without a lov feeling a tingle of bitterness & regret at having to separate myself for so long from those there. Likewise with University and Fellowship & Lay Preaching associations, and with those whom I have met in a general way during 1916. Is it any wonder I cannot let the year slip back into nothingness without a farewell word!

And so I left the troop-deck for a few minutes

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