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Since Alan & I spend so much time on the ceiling the boys have taken to calling us the "possums". But this is a detail compared with the fact that some of my friends here have learned from Barney to call me "jock" and this little familiarity helps much to make one feel at home. Little things count most at all times.

The latest commandment we have here is "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours' 'housewife!".

Dec. 30 One of the N.Z. boats gained some distance on us this afternoon and came alongside and for quite a time the boys tried to roar their throats hoarse cheering to the N.Z. boys. In the afternoon we had a bath parade and amused ourselves a little by dragging to the water one of the lads who didn't want to go. The boys picked him up bodily & carried him up the two flights of steps. Eventually he went in 'voluntarily' and carried out his ablutions. A few such dirty chaps would keep a whole Battalion filthy but the boys are

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