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got 100 cigarettes and so he ought to be satisfied for some time to come. Alan & I being orderlies this week, we had to wash up etc. & we then got ashore, all spick & span and proceeded to see our Cape Town friends. They did not seem to have expected us for dinner so we sloped off at 1 o'clock & went to look for one. As we had not been to see the young ladies who had previously invited us for Xmas dinner, for a week, we didn't have the hide to turn up. Fancy looking for a Xmas dinner!! But, never mind, we found one, and a jolly good one too! As funds were rather low, we did not go down the main street looking for flash cafes, but tried some of the quieter side-streets and after a fair walk came upon a small tea-room which seemed nice & quiet & looked as though it would be cheap. However, still being dubious, we tossed up as to whether we should go in or not, and the toss decided in the affirmative, so in we went. There were several soldiers & a few married women in there sitting round a table & we cooly took off our hats & hung them & our walking-sticks up & after a little whispering etc. were shown to a seat. It was only

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