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us set out but Battle was not to be caught & had 4 lemonade bottles with him & threatened to use these if anyone came near him. There followed 1 ½ hours of chasing & throwing stones battles etc. along the dark alleys of Cape Town and it was only after three of the men had been hurt, and Battle's arm was tied behind his back, that we were able to lead him back. Of all the brutes I have ever seen or heard of, he was the worst. He took every mean advantage he could to get a kick at one of the escort & in the end the boys were so disgusted that for two straws they would have flung him into the docks. They tied his legs together to carry him aboard & it was 1 oclock when I turned in, utterly astounded by the demonstration which had taken place. Alan was sound asleep in his hammock and when I went downstairs, and said something in his sleep when I bumped past him, and so with mixed feelings of joy & sorrow I closed my Christmas day by drinking deep of that sweet sleep, which He giveth to His beloved.

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