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some time later that we tumbled to the fact that we were not in a Café at all, but were in a private Xmas gathering. This did not lessen our enjoyment of the meal in the slightest; indeed the quaintness of the situation rather heightened the pleasure. First we had a big plate of roast-turkey & about 4 kinds of vegetables & seasoning etc, some excellent plum pudding followed, and then a desert plate full of fruit salad!! & lemonade etc. to taste. After a little talk for the sake of etiquette we said good-bye & returned to the place whence we came and had tea there & spent the evening in the seventh heaven. I left Alan there & took my friend home, leaving her at 11 P.M. and promising to return for tea next evening. Alas! "next evening" never came. I had about 3 miles to go for the ship & so took a tram part of the way. While strolling along the docks a whistle was sounded & I was beckoned over by one of our sergeants. He had 'spotted' our friend 'Battle' ashore and drunk and was forming a little impromptu picquet to bring the man back to his Battalion. About eight of

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