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Surely victory must be ours soon!

Jan. 2 Slept on forecastle last night with Pte. MacCann, nicknamed "Liverpool" as he is a pommie, born in Liverpool England. He is only about 17 years of age and for the last three years has been at sea, so you may guess that he is something of a "bird". For an hour or so he told me about his experiences and then we both fell asleep. This is not the first time that he has been my sleeping mate and this is one of the ways in which we get to know a little about one another & to understand one another. For some time after coming aboard I was repulsed by this chaps language etc. but now I would be the last to criticise him. He is full of life and energy, always smiling, always out for fun, never loses his temper, ever ready to tip you or one out of his hammock one minute, & take one's part the next minute. And so with dozens, yea, hundreds of cases, but it would take volumes

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