Item 02: John Duncan McRae diary, 11 December 1916-9 February 1917 - Page 39

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By 11.30 we were all quite tired out and ventured to turn into our hammocks and were sound asleep before midnight.

Needless to say, the noise and bustle did not appeal to Alan and me as at all appropriate to the occasion. The seeing of the Old Year out Saying "good bye, for ever", to the Old Year was to me a pathetic matter. Each year in my life has been more precious than the preceding one and 1916 had brought with it some of the sweetest, many of the grandest experiences of my life. In looking back over the days & weeks & months, it is indeed very difficult to point to any particular events which might be classed as characteristic of what I mean. In a general, inarticulate way, the world & all that surrounds it have been growing dearer to my inward being. Friendships above all else have made life one continuous series of happy experiences. It were impossible, by the very circumstances of the case, to enter into details here, for the most sacred of ones memories & thoughts must remain forever unspoken; they

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