Miscellaneous papers relating to Aborigines, ca. 1839-1871 - Page 12

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The population of the Australias is estimated from the researches of Governor Philip - Sir E. Parry and Governor Stirling at 1,400,000

2. [indecipherable]: ref. AP.S. p.13.

Revd. L. E. Shielkeld remarks the measles, the hooping cough, and the influenza, have stretched the black victims in hundreds on the earth until in some places scarcely a tribe can be found. of one large tribe in the interior 4 years since there were 164 persons; there are now only 3 individuals alive!

Extracts A.P.S. No. 3 -p.71.

By referring to the act of Parliament which constitutes S. Australia a British province we find no mention made of the natives of the country, or their rights; or the country, the country is set forth as "waste and unoccupied";

S. Australian July 28/38

quoted in No.5 Extract AP.S

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