Miscellaneous papers relating to Aborigines, ca. 1839-1871 - Page 94

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"Native Poetry"

" Nung - Ngun

Nge a runba [worumy?] bulkirra [umbilinto?] [bulworra'?]
Pital burra [kulpan?] wirripang buntoa

Nung Ngnun

Nge a runba turrama [berrambo?], burra Kilkoa',
Kurri wi, raratoa yelea waleiko,
Yulo [Moane?], woinyo, birung pora buleiko

Nung Ngnun 

Nge a rumba Kan wullung, makoro, kokein
[Inip?] - pa-rai, kekul, wimbi  murr ring kirrika,
Nge a runba mura ká - en kulbun kulbun 

Thus translated & verified by Miss E. H. Dunlop of 
Mulla [Villa ?] S.S.W.( in a newspaper )
  ,,        Our home is the Gibber Gunyah,
            Where hill joins hill on high,
            Where the [turunna?] and barrambo
             Like sleeping serpents lie ; -
And the rushing of wings as the Wangas pass
Sweeps the Wallaby's [print ?] from the glistening grass (Qun


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