Miscellaneous papers relating to Aborigines, ca. 1839-1871 - Page 80

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English. Colony-
English. Colony-
Tarsal and   Heaven  
Metatarsal bones   Sky  
Foot-   Cloud-  
   Sole of      ,,    Thick  
Heel      ,,     Light  
Toe   Fog  
Skin   Mist  
Flesh   Rain  
Muscle   Hail  
Bone   Snow  
Joint   Sleet  
Blood   Ice  
Matter   Thaw  
Brain   Flood  
Heart   Air  
Lungs   Wind  
Liver   Storm  
Kidney   Calm  
Stomach   Sound  
Bowels   Noise  
Blister   Silence  
Blow   Lightning  
Cut   Thunder  
Kick   Earthquake  
Wound   Fire  
Fall   Spark  
Swelling   Glow  

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