Miscellaneous papers relating to Aborigines, ca. 1839-1871 - Page 78

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English. Colony-
English. Colony-Dialect-
Marriage   Ancestor  
Wedding   Race  
Widowhood   Tribe  
Childlessness   Brood  
Friend   Enemy  
Host   Guest  
Male   Female  

State any particulars relating to the ceremony of, or restrictions on, marriage, to polygamy, divorce, or relating to marital or parental rights, duties -

God   Spirit  
Body   Corpse  
Person   Ghost  

                          PARTS OF BODY

Head   Eye-Lash  
Forehead     ,,    Lid  
Back of head     ,,     ,,   Upper  
Temples     ,,     ,,   Lower  
Face     ,,    White of  
Cheeks     ,,    Sight  
Eye-Ball   Tear  
  ,,   Brow   Nose  

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