Miscellaneous papers relating to Aborigines, ca. 1839-1871 - Page 44

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Hunter's Island Reeneka
Pieman's River Corinna
District north of Macquarie Harbour Timgarick
Lake St. Clair Leeawulena
Huon River Tahuné-Linah
Satellite Island Wayaree
Derwent River Teemtoomelé menennye
Mount Wellington Unghaniahletta  or  Pooranetteré
Clarence Plains Nannyeleebata
Crooked Billet and on to the Dromedary Unghanyenna
Range of Hills between Bagdad and Dromedary Rallolinghana
Jordan River Kuta linah
Lovely Banks Tughera wughata
Ben Lomond Toorbunna
South Esk River Mangana lienta
Lagoon or summit of Ben Lomond Meenamata
St Patrick's Head Lumera genena wuggelena




Tonack A native of Macquarie Harbour
Wureddy or Ooreddy   
Paoblattena (literally - Wombat) A native of N. W. District
Kakannawayreetya (literally -Joey of the Forester Kangaroo) A native of Oyster Bay
Bonep A native of Macquarie Harbour
Kellawurumnea A native of Pittwater
Lanney A native of the North West
Kunnarawialeetyé A native of Oyster Bay
Meenapeckameena A native of Lovely Banks
Maywedick or Maywerick A native of Port Davey
Redaryioick A native of Circular Head District


Taenghanootera (literally - weeping bitterly) A native of George's River
Worromonoloo (literally - boughs) A native of Piper's River District
Rammanaloo (literraly - little Gull) A native of Cape Portland
Wuttawantyenna (literally - nausea) A native of East Bank of Tamar River
Plooranaloona (literally - sunshine) A native of George's River
Tenghanoop A native of Port Davey
Trooganeenie A native of Mount Royal
Metakartea A native of North-east Quarter
Tiabeah A native of Bruni Island
Koonya A native of Sorell
Pueelongmeena A native of Oyster Bay
Unghlottymeena A native of North East
Rayna a native of Pieman's River District
Penghanawaddick Ditto


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