Volume 75: James and William Macarthur business correspondence, 1823-1877: No. 276

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Camden Park
21st May 1863

Sir William

I beg to enclose herewith a statement of rent received from 17th April to this date, amount £158. 2. 6 also petty cash a/c for the same period, both of which I should wish to be more satisfactory.

Since I wrote by the last Mail we have had most delightful weather and as yet no frost, very favourable for our maize, of which I hope to pull about 1000 Bushels in all.

Our mangolds are doing remarkably well and give promise of a very fine crop, the turnips also are better than expected they would be, the latter we are boiling daily for the pigs of which I have 40 up to fatten, there is not much sale for turnips just now on account of the quantity of

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