Volume 75: James and William Macarthur business correspondence, 1823-1877: No. 188

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[communi]cation from you, I might very well have done so.

Then again Mr  Sanderson is kept in assurance as to whether parties may not have remitted to you, & he cannot consequently close his Accounts for the past year. The last entries of such payments to you in gr a/c Current with us are 

31st Oct 1838 Nathan's Invoice  £ 3.11. 4
Int [indecipherable]            "          41.17. 0
          "                               "            4. 3. 0
for which you have credited us £43.11. 4 an error apparently of £6 in the addition.

We are sensible however much you may be put out by the unpunctuality, in bad faith if others, & by the unsatisfactory note of business at Sydney. But this is a good reason for your silence & delay. On the contrary it should lead to your being all

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