Volume 75: James and William Macarthur business correspondence, 1823-1877: No. 088

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Paisley 29th Augt 1838


We were duly favoured with yours of the 27th instant, in reference to which we beg to state, that the Machines ordered as farr as we understood, are one Thrashing and one flour Mill with sundry other small Machines, of which we gave you a list of the whole in our last letter, in examining Mr Youngs Plans and Letter. Mr Young states that the one Machine was Drawn for Mr McCarthurs approval, and being disaproved of by MrMcCarthur, left the order as we understood to be only for one Thrashing Machine and there was only one plan of the flour Mill and no mention made of taking Two of the same sort as we understood there was also to be but one. Should you still incline sending out 2 Thrashing & 2 flour Mills which we have not the least doubt in recommending as they are both articles of the first rate quality we can have them shiped by the same vessel

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