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[On Church of England Australian Fund for Soldiers Overseas letterhead]

realised how true, and yet short of the mark, were the praises of the old hands.

Soon After the stunt he spoke again to the battalion en masse, not as a chaplain of any denomination but as a man who had shared their hardships with them all, and their feelings, and common interests, and admiration of that sterling soldier Colonel Croshaw.

Soon afterwards he left the battalion, and has now been obliged to give up his work in the Army, but with men of the 53rd, and other battalions of the Brigade, his memory will last. If only other chaplains had possessed either his broad-mindedness, frankness, contempt of military conventions when interfering with his work, or other sterling points of his character, what how different would the general attitude of the men be towards their religion, upheld in such a striking manner.

2453 J Marshall

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