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voyage. On one night though, when at the time barely a dozen stayed out, I was awakened by a cold wind under my blankets, which I found soaking wet, and looked out just in time to see the last but myself just vanishing around the corner, bound for the other side. The whole scramble caused by the (un)-pleasantries of the wind, veering around. Of course I lost no time in following the rest, and immediately invaded the officer's smoke room, to be followed by about six others.

Cape Town was sighted on the 22nd June and we pulled into the wharf at about 5 pm. it did not seem much to me as it was not Aussie, still a day ashore was welcome. My pal and I were both 'broke' and so welcomed an invitation to his home given us by a gentleman we met. Thanks to him the first day was very pleasantly spent. On the second day I got some cash, but our plans were spoilt by the appointment of my pal to the patrol, and so I spent rather a miserable day on my own.

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