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We stayed there till the next afternoon when we marched back to Foulloy, near Corbie. Very little happened during the morning. Three small bombs were dropped by a plane, killing a chap in the Artillery.

The 15th Bde had a captured motor lorry filled with orderly room gear, which was very attractive to our little coterie – "The men of the Intelligence section" (not necessarily intelligent ourselves). Several attempts to souvenir stationery, books, etc were frustrated by some 60th Bn chap who had a very sharp eye on it and it's contents. One of our chaps, a motor mechanic, got it going after a good deal of trouble, but to our annoyance the owners would not allow him to take it out of sight. And then I came a thud in trying to get away with a Zeizz range finder belonging to the 55th Bn 'brains' (I.O.). So that it was a very poor day indeed.

Just before we marched back we had the pleasure of at last seeing the ground lost by the 'Woodies' after they had relieved us, regained, making it possible to command the open country from the bend in the Somme almost up to Peronne.

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