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The possies at the next place were better and so I had a good sleep there and thought my unfortunate failing was done with. The day was very hot and I had enjoyed a good swim in on of the pools off the Somme, at Morcourt. But misfortune came along, in the shape of a Hun shell, killing 5 of one bathing party. At about midnight I woke again and found the battalion fallen in, and was informed by my pals that they had been trying to wake me for nearly ½ hr.

I was soon ready, after a very quick packup and we moved back to the old positions near Proyart. x [Insertion (faint), written in left-hand margin:] Defective shells. Amongst us.

The 1st Div stunt was a great success and prisoners were being brought back in great numbers. A doctor (German) asked me if we still had 11 Divs on the Somme as well as the 3 up north. I soon gave up hope of convincing him of our actual numbers, and that the 3 Divs from the north were their captors – the 1st Div.

For the next week life here was rather uneventful. Our I.O. told us of a proposed general advance, by Foch's orders, from the Channel to Switzerland which we all thought a splendid idea. The Tommies then on our flanks would only guarantee 1000 yds advance – and we were

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